The main function of the spine is to support the body and protect the surrounding nervous structures. The most frequent pathologies treated by spinal specialists are related to:

-Cervical pain: The cervical spine, which provides mobility to the patient, is located in the highest part of the spine.

-Low back pain is the pain that occurs in the lower back.

-Scoliosis: It occurs when there is a deviation of the spine.

-Vertebral fracture (with or without compression). The fracture of one of the bones of the spine can be caused by a trauma or accident, although a good number of cases is related to osteoporosis.

The experience of the spinal column specialist, key in the treatment of these pathologies

In any treatment, it is essential to assess the experience and qualifications of the team of specialists who will assist you. At the London Spine Unit, we have recognized column specialists, who can offer any first-rate spinal surgery technique.

The center has state-of-the-art technology, which allows, in the operating room, to accurately locate the lesion that must be treated, allowing greater precision and obtaining optimal clinical results.

What surgical techniques are there?

Broadly speaking, there are different surgical techniques, depending on the pathology. Thanks to the instrumentation and the appearance of new systems, each time the techniques are less aggressive, reducing the wound and the operative risks:

-Open-air techniques (classic)

-Minimally invasive techniques (Laser)

-Percutaneous endoscopic surgery

-Microsurgical surgery with a minimal incision

-Spinal Injections

-Spinal Pain management

-Nerve pain and sciatica treatments

In recent years, open-air techniques have tended to be minimized, with less surgical aggression through the use of different technological contributions, including navigation-guided surgery.

This specialist is the indicated to give the best advice on the right therapy for each patient, and pain management, which is one of the major causes of consultation.

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