The main reason why back surgery fails is that the diagnosis was incorrect. Finding a specialized spinal surgeon who has experience and skill in the subject will increase the possibility of receiving a correct diagnosis and surgery to correct it.

A surgeon with good results and the right qualifications will not be threatened by these types of questions and will respect your attention in these matters.

Questions to ask the surgeon

For most types of spine surgery, the real question is not whether to choose an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon, but "In what specific surgeries does this surgeon specialize?" For example:

Some surgeons are very experienced in certain types of cervical spine surgeries. Others will dedicate a third of their practice or more to surgery for lumbar disorders.

Some of the questions you can ask your surgeon are:

-"How many of these specific surgeries do you perform each year?"

-"What part of your practice is focused on this specific type of surgery?" All types of spinal surgeries have a steep learning curve and generally, the most experienced surgeons in a specific procedure will get better results.

-"What kind of complications and risks is it possible to experience with this type of surgery?"

There are other important questions, such as the results of the surgeon for the specific surgery in question.

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