Consultant orthopaedic spinal surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Graduated from St Marys Medical School in 1992 and then completed surgical training and Doctorate in Medicine (MD) in London. Honorary consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. Clinical interests include minimally invasive spinal surgery, back pain, trauma and complex spinal tumour surgery. Orthopaedic training on rotation included 3 years at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, 3 years at The Royal London Hospital, 1 year at University College Hospital and 1 year in Oxford for specialist spinal surgery fellowship training. Published and lectured widely on spinal disc and cartilage tissue engineering, osteoporotic fractures, spinal trauma and rehabilitation.

Mr Mo Akmal is Lead Spinal Surgeon at The London Spine Unit. He has a strong commitment to Education and Training and Currently runs the Annual Educational Course for International delegates on Spinal disorders at the Royal College of Surgeons and runs a fellowship program for higher surgical trainees and is an examiner for the final MBBS exams at Imperial College.

Mr Akmal’s pioneering work was recently featured in one of London’s most popular and widely read newspapers “The Evening Standard”

Mr Akmal is one of the leading voices in the promotion of osteoporotic fracture prevention. He is a board member of The internationalSociety for Fracture Repair and is actively engaged in an educational campaign for the early treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. He has been performing balloon kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty for vertebral compression fractures and is on the steering committee for the Osteoporotic Fracture Campaign.


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Presentations to Learned Societies

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Management Events attended

2014 The Future Hospital Programme. CCG Secondary Care Doctors network Meeting
2013 Navigating the New Competition and Procurement Rules . Regional meeting for CCG Leaders
2013 Together to Improve Value Programme (TIV)
Aspire and Assess
Service Line Management
Operational Improvements
2013 How the New NHS Works. Islington CCG Development Session, London
2013 Payments by Results (PbR) Training, Imperial College
2012 Leadership Master Classes
Data Driven Leadership
Problem Solving Skills
201 2 Managing Concerns about Conduct and Performance of Medical Staff: A Legal Perspective
2011 Training and Assessment for Educational and Clinical Supervisors
Workplace-Based Assessment
Working with Portfolios
CCG Governing Body Seminars attended
2014 Apr Specialist Cancer/Cardiac Reconfiguration Programme – update
Feb Governing Body Seminars
Children’s Services
Older People’s Services
Learning and Physical Disabilities
Sexual Health and Last Years of Life
2013 Dec Governing Body Five Year Plan
Commissioning and Planning 2014-2019
Sep Out of Hours / Urgent Care
Islington CCG Constitution
Islington Pioneer Proposal
Jun Board Values and Behaviours
Mar How the new NHS system works from 1st April – exploring the Boundaries
Feb Whittington Health Foundation Trust Application
Whittington Health Strategy: Transforming Healthcare for Tomorrow
Jan Everyone counts: planning for patients 2013/14
Nov Social Care Bill : Implications

Clinical Skills Courses completed

2014 Lateral Approaches to the Lumbar Spine. Cadaveric Training Lab. Biomet, New York
2014 Lateral Spinal Fixation Course (Live Surgery Demonstrations). Johannesburg, South Africa
2013 Posterior Cervical Spine Fixation. GS Medical, Germany
2010 Ultrasound Guided Chronic Pain Management. Sonosite, Hertfordshire
2010 Cervical & Lumbar Disc Replacement Cadaver Course. Newcastle Surgical Training Centre
2009 Lumbar Dynamic Stabilisation solutions. Medtronic, Lisbon, Portugal
2008 Anterior Lumbar Spine Surgery. Synthes, Innsbruck, Austria
2008 Paediatric Resuscitation Training. St Marys Hospital, London
2008 The 15th Imperial Spine Surgery Course
2007 Minimally Invasive Access Spine Surgery. Medtronic – Brussels, Belgium
2006 Endoscopic Discectomy Training. Karl Storz, Bologne, France
2006 Balloon Kyphoplasty Training. Kyphon, Germany
2004 Thoracoscopic spinal surgery. Aesculap – MURNAU, Germany
2004 Degenerative and Spinal Trauma Course. AO-Synthes- DAVOS, Switzerland
2004 The 12th Imperial Spinal Surgery course. Hammersmith Hospital- London
2004 Medical Communication Skills Course. Hammersmith Hospital- London, UK
2004 External Fixation in Trauma. Orthofix – Verona, Italy
2004 Lumbar Disc Replacement Course. AO-Spine – Munich, Germany
2002 Microsurgical Skills Course. Northwick Park Hospital
2001 Approaches to the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine. Royal College of Surgeons, London
2000 A.C.L.S Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course
2000 A.T.L.S Advanced Trauma & Life Support Course
1999 Ionising Radiation Course

Regular Attendance to Annual and Biennual Spinal Conferences
British Orthopaedic Association
British Association of Spinal Surgeons
World Society for Endoscopic Navigated and Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

Links :

Mr M.Akmals full profile and personal websiteMr M Akmal on BC Radio 4 presentation on Balloon KyphoplastyMr M Akmal’s article on Balloon Kyphoplasty Article for the National Library for Health RecentUK Publications
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J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2003 Mar;85(2):223-30.
PMID: 12678357 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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