The two main pathologies that cause low back pain are simple lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis. The first one affects people between 15 and 50 years old, while from the 50´s it is more frequent to find cases of spinal stenosis.

The lumbar disc herniation consists of pressure on a lumbar nerve by a fragment of the intervertebral disc that has left its original place and causes intense pain. While the spinal stenosis is produced by the progressive and circumferential narrowing of the spinal canal that houses the nerves, it is associated with aging and also generates nerve compression with pain. The stenosis can affect a single vertebral level or more extensively to several lumbar vertebrae.

Both diseases require a microsurgery, when the medical prescription indicates the need to go through the operating room. Very small incisions are made through which, by means of a surgical microscope, nerve pressure is released in the case of simple herniated disc, by removing the part of the herniated disc, and the spinal canal is enlarged when there is a stenosis to avoid pressure on the nerve roots, in this last case the need to complement the surgery with the implantation of a prosthesis is frequent, since it is necessary to remove fragments of bone or ligaments that weaken the vertebrae a little, this is compensated with prostheses that increase the stability of the spine, although we try to avoid, whenever possible, such a tool, especially in younger patients.

The time of hospitalization after lumbar disc herniation is, in most cases, 24 hours since the work philosophy is committed to patients getting up as soon as possible, as we know that it helps to their recovery.

In fact, patients can live a normal life except for exertion, sports or lifting weight during the first month. The case of channel stenosis is a little more complicated since the surgery is somewhat more aggressive but it also shows good tolerance in patients and recovery times are usually very similar in case of microsurgical decompressions. From the first month, it could be necessary the rehabilitation but, according to specialists in London Spine Unit, it is important the early mobilization so that the body can recover promptly.

Low back pain and its most serious aspects are, therefore, recoverable, but, the most important thing is to go promptly to a medical consultation since the sooner it is treated, the better the recovery prognosis.

The best back pain surgeon has the following ceredentials ;

1. Avoids rushing in to surgery

2. Gives you a clear and detailed explanation of your problem

3. Spends enough time to address your questions

4. Encourages you to try non-operative methods of treatment if you have not tried conservative options

5. Has good clinical reviews from independent websites (ie Trustpilot) or from other patients who have undergone the same procedure

6. Has the necessary experience and been in practice for an adequate number of years.

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