Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the bone canal through which the spinal cord runs and often does not cause any problem. However, in some cases, it is progressive and comes to compress the nerve roots, which causes intense pain in the leg. It is the most frequent reason for back surgery between over 65 years.

Unlike the antiquated "open" back surgery, there is laser spine surgery, which does not require hospitalization because it is minimally invasive, allowing patients to experience much less trauma. Patients who undergo this surgery can return to work and start their daily activities a lot more quickly than patients who have had "open" back surgeries.

Laser spine surgery is aimed at increasing the space for spinal nerves by shring bulging discs that may be impinging on nerves.

The technique uses a needle to deliver laser energy into the disc.

About laser in medicine

The meaning of the laser in medicine grows continuously. The introduction of the most modern multi-channel systems at the beginning of the new century revolutionized medicinal laser therapy, since highly focused lasers ('laser needles') imply a deep penetration and also with the combination of different laser wavelengths (red laser, infrared, green and blue) various restorative effects on the tissue are achieved.

Thanks to the consequent research and technical improvement, lasers can now be applied directly into damaged tissue, to allow more effective treatment in disorders that do not react to traditional therapies (damage to the spine, hernias, osteoarthritis, etc.).

The use of intravenous laser therapy entails a general energization, an optimization of the metabolism and a reinforcement of the immune system and therefore offers a successful possibility of treating numerous painful diseases resistant to traditional therapies.

With the laser needles, the emergent beam is configured and penetrates the tissue with its energetic light particles and can radiate in damaged tissue in the depth. Thanks to the high energy concentration and the treatment periods, a proven reaction can be achieved with excellent success in the treatment of pain.

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