If back pain is not treated with care and attention it can become chronic, if there is no proper treatment the discomfort can be established for months and go slowly aggravating, so it is very important to know the symptoms of this lumbar discomfort and being able to act with a physiotherapy treatment in the shortest possible time.

Physiotherapy treatment:

-Capacitive diathermy: It is one of the most powerful and effective techniques in the treatment of low back pain in both acute and chronic phase, capacitive diathermy produces rapid relief of pain and inflammation. It generates an endothermic effect in such a way that by increasing the heat in depth it increases the blood flow while relaxing the muscle tissue, the combination of both factors multiplies its therapeutic effect, the physiotherapy with capacitive diathermy is very powerful in the treatment of lumbalgia in all its phases.

-Tens: The high frequency tens combined with the low frequency one is a very useful therapy to get the patient at home to control outbreaks of pain. It is very simple equipment and for home use, if the physiotherapist teaches his patient to use the Tens correctly he will provide you with a powerful weapon that will allow you to reduce the painful sensation.

-Massage: The performance of a soft and relaxing massage will relieve the feeling of pressure and pain in the lower back.

-Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a therapy that uses the vibration of sound to provoke an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect of pain in the affected lumbar area, in a certain way it generates a type of deep vibratory massage transmitted by sonic waves.

-Radartherapy: It is a way to apply heat that sometimes is effective, has the disadvantage that they are the outer layers: the skin and fat tissue that heat and absorbs more energy.

Infrared: The application of external heat block part of the signal transmits the nerve and produces a certain effect of relaxation in the musculature which achieves a certain relief of pain and muscle relaxation.

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