Although bones are usually strong, they are made up of living tissue that continually breaks down and rebuilds. As you get older, an old bone may break down faster than the construction of new bone. This can cause the bones to have small pores or holes and to become more fragile.

Early symptoms of osteoporosis

There are some detectable symptoms of bone loss but they may be rare and need to be taken into account. People often do not know that they have weak bones until they break some of them, such as the hip, spine or wrist. Some of the signs and symptoms that can let you know that you may be suffering from osteoporosis or bone loss:

- Retraction of the gums: The gums can recede if your jaw is losing bone. You can ask the dentist about the detection of the bone loss in the jaw.

- You have less strength: There are studies of women who lose strength in their hands and grip.

- Brittle and weak nails: The strength of the nails can also be a sign of bone health.

In addition to changes in bone density, osteoporosis does not usually cause much damage initially. It is necessary to detect it in the early stages and go to the doctor, especially if you have a family history.

Symptoms of osteoporosis in more advanced stages

When the bone has deteriorated significantly, people may begin to experience more obvious symptoms, such as:

- The loss of height: Fractures in the spine can cause loss of height, it is one of the most notable symptoms.

- Bone fractures due to simple falls: A fracture is one of the most common signs of bone fragility. Fractures can occur with a minor fall or movement, such as stepping on a curb.

- Back or neck pains: Osteoporosis can cause fractures by compression of the spine. These fractures can be very painful. The symptoms of pain can vary from mild to debilitating.

- Bent position: The compression of the vertebrae can also cause a slight curvature of the upper part of the back. A hunched back is known as kyphosis.

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